Foreclosure Defense

Challenging a Foreclosure

The foreclosure crisis in Massachusetts and the rest of the country continues to be a challenge for homeowners trying to save their homes.  I’m a foreclosure defense attorney and I have extensive experience assisting claimants with these cases and have achieved favorable results for many complex and often difficult-to-win cases.


Loan Modifications

State and federal laws require many lenders and loan servicers to consider homeowners for loan modifications.  While these programs are intended to help homeowners, many claimants find the application process complex and confusing.  I can assist you with preparing a loan modification application and negotiating with your lender or servicer to get you the best possible modification available.


Civil Litigation


When lenders and loan servicers refuse to work with struggling homeowners, civil litigation often becomes necessary.  I have extensive experience in state and federal courts and have brought lawsuits against numerous lenders for failing to comply with the law.  My goal in these cases is always the same: to help my clients save their homes and obtain an affordable mortgage loan payment.


Summary Process (Eviction) Defense

Summary process (“eviction”) comes after a foreclosure has occurred.  For homeowners, this is usually their last opportunity to challenge the validity of the foreclosure and save the home.  Summary process cases move at a much faster pace than most other cases, so it’s helpful to have an experienced lawyer at your side.


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