Success Stories

Here’s what past clients of mine are saying about how I helped them with their legal needs.

Names have been changed to protect privacy.  Past performance does not guarantee future results.  These testimonials and/or endorsements reflect that particular client’s experience with The Sherwin Law Firm.  It does not constitute any guarantees, warranties, or promises regarding the outcome of your legal matter.



Natalie & Matt (Norfolk County)

Norfolk County

Case Overview:  Natalie and Matt faced a post-foreclosure eviction (“summary process”) case from their lender, who was seeking to evict them from their home following a foreclosure occurring several years before. Natalie and Matt were unsuccessful in appealing the lender’s denial of their loan modification, which made their eviction case a particular challenge to defend, as there were only a few defenses available against the eviction.

My Response:  I developed a defense against the lender’s eviction case by challenging the lender’s compliance with several foreclosure notice requirements, which cast serious doubt on whether the lender had complied with each requirement of the foreclosure process.

Outcome:  Natalie and Matt reached a settlement with their lender, who agreed to sell the home back to them at fair market value.  They are now proud owners of their home again and live there today with their family.

In Natalie & Matt’s Own Words:  We had been living in our home as a happy family since 2006.  When the economy went down in 2008, we lost business and defaulted on our loan.  After consulting with six attorneys, no one had the right solution. Those attorneys did their part to help us stay in the home for two years, but we knew that these solutions  were only temporary and we would eventually have to face the worst: eviction. Even though we had planned to fight the eviction all the way, we did not know how to do so until we met Attorney Adam Sherwin.  Attorney Sherwin was calm, focused, and listened to us.  Eventually, through his help, the bank decided to  negotiate instead of going forward with the eviction.  We were able to repurchase our home at current market price.  We thank God for Attorney Sherwin, who communicated with us frequently, was easily reachable, and put our needs above everything else.  This is the attorney you want on your side.  He is highly recommended.

Linda (Middlesex County)

Middlesex County

Case Overview:  Linda was struggling with her loan payments as a result of the poor economy and received an acceptable loan modification from her lender in 2010. Unexpectedly, and for no reason at all, her lender abruptly cancelled the loan modification—despite Linda having made thirteen months of consistent payments under the agreement.  Linda tried for the next two years to obtain a new loan modification, which her loan servicer continuously denied her, despite Linda having a documented hardship and proven ability to make modified loan payments.

My Response:  I filed a lawsuit against the lender, seeking a cause of action for specific performance of the loan modification agreement.  This asked the court to reinstate the loan modification agreement between Linda and her lender.  I also asked for damages from the lender’s unfair and deceptive business practices.

Outcome:  Within months of filing her lawsuit, Linda settled with her lender.  The lender agreed to reinstate her prior loan modification agreement and make her loan balance current.  Today, Linda continues to live her home with an affordable mortgage loan payment

In Linda’s Own Words:  I am very grateful to Adam for his hard work in saving my home.  I spent many years trying to avoid foreclosure and worried a great deal about losing my home.  Adam took the time to listen to my needs and help me save my house.