Client Service Statement

When you hire an attorney, you shouldn’t just consider what the lawyer will do for you;  you should also consider how the lawyer will do his or her job.  In other words, how will the lawyer make sure you get the best representation possible?

Here is what my clients can expect from me:

  • Communication:  I am easily accessible to my clients and communicate regularly with them.  I return phone calls/emails within 24 hours, and I am always available for meetings and updates.
  • Straight Talk:  Too often, lawyers speak in “legalese” and make the law much more difficult than it has to be.  I take the time to explain the entire legal process in a straightforward way that any non-lawyer can understand.
  • Expertise:  No lawyer knows everything . . . especially me.  I only take cases in my practice areas, which means I have a background in everything I handle.
  • Professionalism:  My job is to represent my clients and not judge them.  I treat my clients with respect and do everything I can to help them obtain their desired goals.
  • Trust:  You can trust me with your confidential information and be assured that I will give your legal concerns the quality and attention they deserve.
  • Fair Rates:  Most clients, understandably, are concerned about the costs of hiring a lawyer.  I worked with each client to create an affordable payment plan for my services.  I rely on the latest technology to keep my costs low, and because I limit my practice to a handful of practice areas, you won’t be paying me to “reinvent the wheel.”