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Here, you’ll find blogs post I’ve written on Massachusetts foreclosure law.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Sell My Home Before Foreclosure?

How Long Does a Foreclosure Take?

What is a Principal Forbearance?  Is it the Same as Principal Forgiveness?

What is a Right-to-Cure Notice?  When Am I Suppose to Receive this Letter?

Can My Home By Foreclosed While I Am Applying for a Loan Modification?

What is MERS? 

I Received a Letter From My Loan Servicer Telling Me My Loan Has Been “Accelerated.”  What Does this Mean?

I’ve Received a Notice About a Servicemembers’ Civil Relief Act Case Against Me. What Should I Do? 

Overview of Massachusetts Foreclosure Law

Types of Massachusetts Foreclosures

Overview of Important Paperwork in a Foreclosure

Foreclosure By Entry

Mortgage/Deed Reformations and Foreclosure Defense

Declaratory Judgments 101

Foreclosure Requirements for FHA Mortgage Loans

Loan Securitization and Foreclosure Defense

Overview of the Massachusetts Foreclosure Title Clearing Bill 

Paragraph 22 of the Standard Mortgage