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Massachusetts Real Estate Resources

Here you’ll find some articles I’ve written about Massachusetts real estate law. I’ve had the pleasure of representing homeowners, landlords, and tenants in a wide array of different cases and enjoy helping my clients get the results they need. My interest in real estate came from my family’s rental apartment business, where I first saw the legal issues facing property owners.

Massachusetts real estate matters are among the most consequential legal issues. If you are involved in a real estate dispute, it is critical to arm yourself with good information and speak with an experienced attorney to discuss your case.

There is an important concept in property law: all property is unique. While these resources can help inform you about your legal matter, it is critical to get a professional opinion on your case. Many clients are surprised to learn that legal services are more affordable than they think, and there are options available that allow a Massachusetts attorney to help on a limited basis.

Massachusetts real estate covers a broad area of topics, from zoning and property disputes to real estate contracts. My other practice areas include the related real estate areas of landlord-tenant law and foreclosure defense. There is overlap in all of these practice areas, and I find it really helpful to have experience in each.


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