How Much Do You Charge?

A lawyer’s favorite answer . . . it depends.

I know that’s a frustrating answer. When I hire someone for a service, I would want to know their rates upfront. However, I only determine fees for a client after I learn about their case for a simple reason: not all fee structures work for every client type.

Sometimes, I can offer a client a flat rate or help the client on a limited basis, which can be more affordable than an hourly rate. For this reason, I want to learn about your case before I quote you a fee.

Do You Charge for Consultations?

I don’t charge for a quick phone call or meeting to determine if I am the right lawyer for your matter. I am often able to let potential clients know right away if I can help them or if I need to review more information before making that decision.

In some cases, I may decide that I can help you best by doing a more extended meeting with you to discuss the matter, review any applicable paperwork, and review your options. For such meetings, I charge a flat fee.

Do You Offer Consultations by Phone and Video Conference?


What Should I Look For When Hiring an Attorney?

Expertise. You want someone who focuses on the area of law relevant to your case.

For example, all doctors know about human health. However, if you have a heart problem, you probably don’t want to hire a brain surgeon for your case. You want a doctor who specializes in your particular need.

It’s no different for law. I focus entirely on real estate litigation, which means I have a solid background in the cases I take.

Do You Take Cases Outside of Boston?

Most of my clients are in Eastern Massachusetts, but I have practiced in most courts across Massachusetts. I’m happy to discuss your case with you, regardless of where you live.

Do You Have Any Past Client Reviews?

Here are here!

What’s the Best Way to Help You (Or Any Other Lawyer) Review My Case?

Create a timeline. I’ll need to learn the background of your case before deciding if I can help. Having a timeline of the relevant facts of your case makes this much easier.

I’m a Landlord or Tenant in Need of a Lawyer. What Will You Need from Me?

I’ll need to see your tenancy agreement and any other documentation relevant to the tenancy. I’ll need to see the notice to quit and eviction summons if an eviction has started.

For a non-payment of rent case, I’ll need to know the amount owed. For a security deposit issue, I’ll need to see all security deposit receipts and paperwork sent before and after the taking of the deposit.

I’m Interested in Appealing a Zoning Case. What Will You Need from Me?

Please contact me as soon as possible. Zoning appeals come with an incredibly tight deadline. The sooner you speak to a lawyer, the better.

I’m a Homeowner Facing Foreclosure. What Will You Need from Me?

I’ll need a copy of your most recent mortgage statement and any recent correspondence with your lender. I’ll need to see the foreclosure notices if a foreclosure sale is scheduled.

Do You Handle Appeals?


If You Cannot Take My Case, Can You Refer Me?

Absolutely. I’m active in several bar associations and have a great relationship with many other attorneys across Massachusetts. I’d be happy to send your case to another lawyer if I can’t help.

Do You Accept Speaking Engagements and Media Interviews?

Absolutely. Please contact me to discuss.

What’s Your Favorite Lawyer Joke?

After a tough day in court, a man walks into a bar and loudly says to the bartender, “All lawyers are miserable human beings!”

A man sitting at the other end of the bar says, “I resent that remark!”

The first man says “Why, are you a lawyer?”

He says, “No . . . I’m a miserable human being.”