Landlord-Tenant Resources

Here, you’ll find landlord-tenant resources I’ve put together on Massachusetts landlord-tenant law.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I had a lease with my tenant, which has now expired. The tenant continues to pay monthly rent.  Is the lease still in effect?

Overview of what happens when a landlord-tenant lease expires and the tenant remains in the rental unit

Do I need to hire a lawyer for a landlord-tenant case?

Advice for landlords and tenants in deciding whether to hire a lawyer for a landlord-tenant dispute

Overview of Massachusetts Landlord-Tenant Law

Massachusetts’s Right to a Speedy Civil Trial

Overview of the right to a speedy civil trial in Massachusetts and how it applies to landlords and tenants

Transfers to Housing Court

Overview of Massachusetts’s Housing Court and how landlords and tenants can use this forum for resolving landlord-tenant disputes.

Injunctive Relief

Landlords and tenants sometimes need the court to do more than award possession of an apartment or monetary damages. This is an overview of the power of courts to make judicial orders and how this can help landlords and tenants

Summary Process 101

Overview of the Massachusetts eviction process (“summary process”) for landlords and tenants

Self Help: No!

Advice for landlords to avoid “self-help” in addressing problems with Massachusetts tenants

Stays of Execution

Overview of the procedure for seeking additional time for a Massachusetts tenant to remain in a rental property after eviction

Lawful Entry of a Rented Premises

Discussion of the procedure required for a Massachusetts landlord to inspect a tenant’s apartment

Practice Pointers

Hire a Landlord/Tenant Attorney with Experience on Both Sides

Need a landlord-tenant attorney?  Pick one with experience representing both tenants and landlords

Appealing a Massachusetts Eviction Case

Resource for landlords and tenants on appealing a Massachusetts eviction (“summary process”) case

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Advice for landlords and tenants on taking pictures of a rental property before and after a rental agreement begins 

Small Claims Court for Landlords and Tenants

Landlord-tenant resource on small claims court and how this forum can be useful for resolving minor legal claims

Breaking a Lease

Overview of breaking a Massachusetts lease for landlords and tenants

Lessons from a Landlord/Tenant Judge

Advice from a Massachusetts judge for landlords and tenants

Is it worth pursuing a claim for money against a tenant?

Resource for Massachusetts landlords in deciding whether to sue a tenant for money

Business Organization Issues in Landlord/Tenant Law

Resource for Massachusetts landlords in deciding how to purchase a rental property

Understanding Cash-for-Keys Settlement Offers

Advice on “cash for keys” deals for Massachusetts eviction cases 

Use Mediation to Resolve Landlord-Tenant Disputes

Landlord-tenant resource on the use of mediation in resolving Massachusetts landlord-tenant disputes

Raises in Rent

Overview of raises in rent for Massachusetts landlords and tenants