Firm News: Sherwin Law Firm Succeeds in Helping Homeowner Beat Foreclosure

I’m pleased to announce that I settled a foreclosure defense lawsuit last month, resulting in my client obtaining an affordable loan modification and a rescission of the foreclosure.  My client had been foreclosed and was only days away from being physically removed from the home.  I stopped the move-out by winning a temporary restraining order (“TRO”) from the court, which later became a preliminary injunction, which prevented the bank from doing anything to enforce the foreclosure for the duration of the case.

After two years of litigation in court, the case is finally settled, with my client accepting a loan modification in exchange for a court approved agreement to eliminate the foreclosure.

My client, like others I have helped avoid foreclosure, didn’t get a free home.  Rather, she received an affordable loan modification: my goal in every foreclosure defense case.
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