Better Call . . . Sherwin!

As a huge fan of the television show Breaking Bad, I’m looking forward to Better Call Saul, the widely anticipated spin-off involving Walter White’s attorney: Saul Goodman.  Saul was one of my favorite characters on the show; the type of lawyer I never want to be, but one who I can’t help enjoy watching.

The trailer for the new show is out, and while I wouldn’t look to Saul Goodman for legal advice, I do admit that his words of wisdom in this clip are spot on, especially in the area of foreclosure defense.  He compares lawyers to health insurance: one hopes you never need either of these services, but not having these types of protection are a recipe for disaster.  Unfortunately, I’ve seen far too many clients who have not followed this advice, and forced themselves into foreclosure when they might have been able to solve the problem with legal assistance.

So, if you are facing foreclosure or another tricky legal situation, follow Saul’s advice and talk to a lawyer.  Just like a sickness, no one wants to be in a legal proceeding, but if you are, make sure you get the help you need.  In other words, Better Call Sherwin!