Evicting a Section 8 Tenant

Evicting a section 8 tenant is a process that generally follows the usual steps for a Massachusetts eviction, but with several extra requirements. Special care must be given towards following these added steps of the process.

Section 8 Overview

Section 8 is a federal program for housing assistance, where participants are provided a voucher for their rent. Section 8 requires participants to pay a portion of their income towards the total rent, with the voucher covering the rest.

Importantly, Section 8 is a voucher program, where the rental assistance goes directly to private landlords. The Section 8 program itself does not own or manage rental property.

State law prohibits discrimination against Section 8 participants. A landlord may not deny housing to a tenant solely because of their participation in this program.

Evicting a Section 8 Tenant: Added Requirements

A section 8 eviction is largely the same as a typical eviction, but with several extra requirements. These often include:

  • Notice of the eviction to the Section 8 housing administrator
  • Limitations on eviction during the initial lease term
  • Notice to the tenant on the specific grounds for eviction

As with any eviction, it is critical to review the lease and other paperwork closely. Section 8 tenancies, in particular, often have detailed requirements in their leases, which must be reviewed with care.

Section 8, however, does not prevent evictions against tenants. Landlords can (and should) pursue such evictions if the circumstances require such action.

Final Thoughts

If you need assistance with evicting a Section 8 tenant, contact me for a consultation.