Help With Foreclosure

Challenging a Foreclosure


Help with foreclosure is available to struggling homeowners attempting to save their homes.  The foreclosure process can be intimidating, overwhelming, and a difficult process for many borrowers.  I often meet with potential clients who believe that they they will be removed from their homes in a matter of days and have no options available for avoiding this out outcome.  Fortunately, help with foreclosure is available.

A homeowner should always attempt to apply for a loan modification, repayment plan, or loan deferment as an option for avoiding foreclosure.  If a homeowner can obtain one of these loss mitigation options on their own, they can get the problem solved without the assistance of an attorney.  If, however, a homeowner is not having luck with one of these options, they should speak with an attorney.  An attorney can help with foreclosure through negotiating with the bank or loan servicer or filing a lawsuit to stop the foreclosure if there are grounds for challenging its validity.

Earlier in the process is always better for avoiding foreclosure: the sooner a homeowner begins fighting foreclosure, the better change they have of saving their home.  However, help with foreclosure is available at all stages of the process, from the start of foreclosure all the way until after the foreclosure has occured.

Homeowners can do their part in assisting a foreclosure defense attorney by keeping a paper trail of all efforts made to work with the lender to resolve the problem on their own.  These records can be a huge help in providing an overview of the situation and possible grounds for challenging the foreclosure.

If you find yourself in need of help with foreclosure, contact me for a consultation.