Moving Day in Boston



September 1st is one of the biggest moving days in Boston.  With more than 100 colleges in the Boston region, there will be plenty of college students moving in and out of apartment in the city (along with other residents whose leases will be expiring).   Many of these movers will be using moving trucks, often through rental services such as U-Haul and Penske.  The City of Boston and many surrounding cities require parking permits for these trucks; something many movers do not know until it is too late.  Fortunately, this year, the City of Boston has made it easier for movers to obtain these permits by allowing them to apply online, instead of in person.

Here are some other tips for moving this September:

  1. Take pictures of your rental unit before moving in, as proof in case a dispute ever arises over claims of damagew or poor maintenance.
  2. If you gave your landlord a security deposit and/or last month’s rent, be sure to obtain a receipt from your landlord (if you gave these payments in cash, and not by check).
  3. Consider obtaining renters insurance for your new place.  It is often inexpensive and covers many potential damages that might arise out of your control.
  4. Drink plenty of water . . . summer is still here!

Best of luck to everyone moving this September.  If you have problems with your new apartment, or are in need of landlord/tenant advice, contact me for a consultation.