Negotiating a Lease

The Boston Globe interviewed me last week on negotiating a lease and whether this can (and should) be done.

In my opinion, lease negotiations are possible. Here, I’ll discuss some tips for both landlords and tenants.

Please note that I am writing this blog post for residential leases, not commercial. Commercial leases come under an entirely different set of laws and require a much different analysis.

Advice for Landlords

The goal for every landlord is to avoid eviction at all costs, which results in necessary time and expense. One of the best ways to do this is to pick great tenants who can demonstrate they will pay the rent and take care of the property.

With that in mind, I always encourage landlords to consider negotiating a lease when the prospective tenant is a perfect fit for the rental unit. The rent, lease term, and rental amenities are all things that can be discussed for any potential tenancy.

Landlords, however, need to be careful about housing discrimination and avoid inquiring about any impermissible topics.

Advice for Tenants

Tenants who have a track record of being reliable and considerate renters shouldn’t hesitate to tell this to prospective landlords. As discussed above, good tenants are important for a successfully rental. Landlords have a real incentive for finding good tenants and may consider negotiating a lease for the right tenant.

Final Thoughts

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