Practice Pointers: “I’m Not a Lawyer, But . . .”

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In my work as a foreclosure defense attorney, I have met many passionate professionals committed to keeping hardworking homeowners in their homes.  Unfortunately, given the high stakes involved in these cases, I have also seen alot of bad advice being passed on to vulnerable homeowners; many of whom are too quick to accept the help being offered to them.  These conversations always begin the same way, with the disclaimer “I’m not a lawyer, but . . .”

The Internet is not always helpful in this regard; while the web makes it easier for homeowners to learn about foreclosure defense options, it also helps to spread rumors and lies.  I often come across defenses and strategies that are proclaimed to be effective foreclosure defense methods but in reality, are meritless strategies routinely rejected by courts.

If you are facing a foreclosure, you should absolutely read up about this area from reputable sources.  But, before you commit to a specific strategy or course of action, seek the advice of a lawyer in this area of law.