Boston Strong!

Yesterday marked the one year anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombing; an event that shook up our city but brought our community together stronger than ever.  Boston has been my home for the past four years and not a day goes by where I’m not grateful to call this place my home.

Of course, you knew that I would tie this post to law somehow and here it goes:  aside from being a great city to live, Boston is, hands down, the best place possible to practice law. We have an amazing legal community filled with with talented, courteous attorneys, bright judges, and an abundance of legal resources, including the fantastic Boston Bar Association and MA Trial Court Law Libraries.  Boston is one the few places where fellow attorneys will not hesitate to drop everything and help a fellow attorney or pro se party with a legal question; a favor I am always willing to return for anyone in need of my help.  And, is it coincidence that some of the best legal movies took place in Boston?  I think not!

Best of luck to the participants in this Mondays’ 2014 Boston Marathon.  For anyone interested in making a donation to support victims of last year’s Boston Marathon bombing, please visit One Fund Boston.