Talk to a Foreclosure Defense Attorney Before Becoming a "Warrior"

Last week, I took a break from my busy schedule and watched a movie that was highly recommend to me:  Warrior.  Warrior, simply put, is one of the best movies I’ve seen in a long time; think Rocky meets The Fighter.  It may look like an action flick at first, but take my word that it is a gripping, powerful movie.  Highly recommended.

The premise of the movie is two brothers fighting in a martial arts tournament; one of whom is a high school physics teacher competing for prize money to save his family home from foreclosure.  A great story line for a movie, but something I hope no one has to do in real life.

Homeowners facing foreclosure do not need to become a “Warrior” or take such drastic steps when facing financial troubles.  Here, the teacher in this movie had a steady, paying job and was months ahead of foreclosure.  If he came to me, I would have recommend he try for a loan modification or, in the alternative, I would have reviewed his title history to see if the bank could lawfully foreclose.

That’s not to say that I, or any other attorney, can ever stop a foreclosure for certain.  But, the point is, speaking with a foreclosure defense attorney should always be a homeowner’s first step in trying to save a home.