Injunctive Relief

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Sometimes, a party in a landlord-tenant case needs the court to do more than simply award monetary damages or possession of the property.  In such cases, injunctive relief can be a good option.
An injunction is a court order that mandates or prohibits a party from doing a certain action.  A landlord, for example, can obtain an injunction against a tenant to enjoin them from damaging property (if they have sufficient evidence that this harm is occurring).  Tenants can also get injunctions; these are obtained frequently when a landlord refuses to fix dangerous conditions in a property.
To get an injunction, a party needs to show irreparable harm–damages that cannot be resolved through money alone. Fortunately, matters involving property are often sufficient for this type of relief.
If you are facing a landlord-tenant problem that requires immediate attention, consult an attorney to determine if an injunction is right for you.